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Email for Week of August 14, 2023

subject line: A New Twist On Camping

For a new twist on the average camping trip why not try renting an old Forest Service cabin or lookout tower? The Forest Service has many cabins and towers available for rent across the United States. These were once used by the Forest Service to spot fires and are now available for the public to rent. For the adventurous spirit these towers and cabins are the perfect fit. Each tower and cabin is unique. So make sure you do your research before booking one. These book quickly, plan in advance and book your stay as soon as you can.

These lookout towers typically have rustic sleeping arrangements such as cots and some form of primitive cooking set up. There is usually no power, water or bedding. Again, this does vary based on the location you choose to rent. These details are listed on the recreation.gov website.

So how do you rent a lookout tower, cabin or other camping spot?

Go to www.recreation.gov. Click on the Find Places and Activities, tab, select Campgrounds and in the search box you can enter the state, city, general area you are looking to go camping in- for example you could search: Look out Towers Montana and a list will populate with options that fit your search criteria.

From there you can review the amenities and fees for each of the options. Most look out towers rent for about $25 to $100 a night. Each area will offer its own unique opportunities for outdoor adventures.



Disclaimer: Travel is personal and each individual’s goals and experiences may differ. This article is merely a recommendation and the author cannot be held responsible for the outcome of your vacation.

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