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Neighbors Know Best Kit

Training Video

Design #1 Front:

Design #1 Back:

Design #2 Front:

Design #2 Back:


A question that we get a lot is, “How do I edit the postcards?”

There are 4 editable formats provided:

  • [.pub] Microsoft Publisher (for PC users)
  • [.psd] PhotoShop (for PC and Mac users)
  • [.pdf] Adobe Acrobat (for PC and Mac users) – You can only edit the text with this format
  • [.indd] Adobe InDesign (for PC and Mac Users)

If you don’t have any of these programs, there is a free program called GIMP that will open the .PSD files. You can use that program to edit Photoshop files.

Use any printer you like, though we use GotPrint.com.

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