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How To Set Up A Free Recorded Message For Postcard Lead Generation

This tutorial walks you through how to set up a free recorded message on a phone number that can then be used to collect leads from the postcards you send out.

Please note that the postcard example phone number is a 1-800 number, but you can use any toll free or area code based number.

This tutorial assumes that you have already have your Twilio account connected to SMS Conversations.
If you have not already done this, you need to do that first.
Click here for the tutorial on how to create a Twilio account,
And click here to connect your Twilio account to your SMS Conversations account.

Video Tutorial

The steps covered in this tutorial are:

  1. Buying a phone number
  2. Recording a voicemail/pre-recorded message
  3. Creating a contact list for callers to be added to (optional)
  4. Setting up the recorded message, voicemail, and redirect number
  5. Testing your phone number

Step 1:

To purchase a phone number, first log into app.SMSConversations.com and click on the “Phone Numbers” link.

Step 2:

Assuming you already have Twilio set up, you can click “Buy Number”. If you have not already connected Twilio to your account, you need to complete that step first. Click here for the tutorial on how to create a Twilio account, and click here to connect your Twilio account to your SMS Conversations account.

Step 3:

When searching for a phone number to purchase, you can select a local or a toll free number.

Step 4:

After selecting a local or toll free number, type in the area code or beginning 3 digits you want for the phone number and click “Search”.

Step 5:

The search results will display below and you can click the credit card button to purchase the phone number.

Step 6:

Now that you have purchased the phone number, click “Your recordings” to set up the pre-recorded message.

Step 7:

Click “add message” to create a new message.

Step 8:

On the right of the page, you will find various recording scripts you can use for your pre-recorded voicemail message. For the context of the postcards, we suggest you use the script titled “Consumer Guide Voicemail Message”. Simply click the link to view the script.

Step 9:

When you click the script’s link, the script will pop up in your window with the entire message you are to record.

Step 10:

To record a message right then, you select the type as “Audio”, and “Record”. Don’t forget to name the recording as well.

To begin recording, enter the phone number you want SMS Conversations to record and then click “Save”. You will receive a phone call right away that with instructions to record your voicemail message.

Step 11:

After you click “save” you will be redirected to the “your recordings” page. After you record your message, refresh this page and then you will see the recording you just made in the recording list.

Step 12:

You can click “Listen” to hear the voicemail message that you recorded.

Step 13:

Next you can create a Contact List that your callers will be added to (this is an optional step). By creating a list, you can receive all of the phone numbers who call your free-recorded message and not just the ones who leave a voicemail for you.

Step 14:

After clicking on “Contact Lists”, click “Add Contact List.”

Step 15:

Add a name to your contact list and click “Save”. The contact list will be empty for now, but will add phone numbers who call your phone number.

Step 16:

The next step is to connect these features to the phone number that you purchased. First, click on “Phone numbers.”

Step 17:

Find the phone number you want to use and click the “Edit” button.

Step 18:

It’s easiest if you name your phone number something descriptive such as “Move Up Buyer Guide Request” or “Move Up Buyer Postcard” so you know what the phone number is for.

Step 19:

Scroll down to the “Voice Settings” for the phone number and you will find the following fields:

Redirect Voice Call To: This is for you to put your own cell or office line phone number. Your free recorded message line will redirect to the number you put here if the caller presses the number 1.

Voice Message: Select the voicemail message you created in the “My Recordings” section.

Contact List: If you want to add ALL callers to the contact list (and not just those who leave voicemail messages), then you can select the contact list you want people who call this phone number to be added to.

Step 20:

Be sure to test all of the features by calling the phone number. Here is a list of things to test and make sure they work:

  1. That the recorded message plays when called
  2. That callers are added to the contact list you created and connected to the phone number
  3. That you can leave a voicemail and that it gets added to your “Voicemails” tab in SMS Conversations
  4. That you are redirected to the number you specified by pressing “1” while listening to the pre-recorded message
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